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Here’s what some of the parents have to said about events they have attended:

I was amazed at how much we covered in 1 session! So many practical tips. I feel so much better about my parenting toolkit now!

Mother of 2

It was great. I could have listened longer. It made us feel less alone and gave a lot of new tools.

Mother of 2

I loved the combination of basic understanding AND skills. I learned specific, situation based skills that I can apply TODAY!

Father of 2

It was a valuable overview of a complex topic with tips that will stick with me. It was easy to understand with real life examples and answering specific questions.

Mother of 2

Jen was fantastic! I would love to sign up for another group session with her.

Mother of 2

Lots of practical take aways that can be easily implemented. Jen gave great examples.

Mother of 2

Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss standing slightly at angle with hands in pocket, smiling
Certified parent coach Jen Kiss speaks to parents at parenting events and parenting groups

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I’m thrilled to be returning to partner with PARENTED for a fall series on Parenting Your Neurodivergent Child. This 6 week-parenting series will cover all things parenting, including routines and structure, behavior challenges and discipline, homework and school struggles, relationships and sex, lifestyle and natural supports, and skills for building independence. This series is geared for parents of preteens and teenagers. Registration link is coming soon!

I’m currently working on future parenting events.

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And if you would like to have me come to speak at your upcoming parenting event or for your parenting group, contact me at connect@HappyParentingAndFamilies.com or click here.

Past Speaking Events

Connecting with Older Orchid Kids

Do you have a child that requires “more”?

I joined Gabriele Nicolet from Raising Orchid Kids to talk about how parents can help their older child or teen when they have neurodiversity such as autism or ADHD. We discussed creating connection and practical parenting tools you can use.

Risky Play is Important for Children

Recent play research is making another case for the importance of free play, particularly risky play. I talked with reported Mary McGuire from Fox 9 News about why risky play is important for children both from a development standpoint and for supporting things like resiliency, independence and learning.

Not Being Society’s Child

Jude Morrow with Neurodiversity Training International and I came together to talk about parent coaching for parents of neurodivergent kids.

We talked parenting challenges, the need for different parenting tools when your child is neurodivergent and helping society overall learn more about how to help neurodivergent kids thrive.

Helping Kids With Graphic Images on Social Media

Wondering how to protect your child from graphic and disturbing images on social media? I sat down and talked with KSTP-TV Channel 5 reporter Brittney Ermon about ways parents can help their children process graphic images in an age when access to inappropriate images is the norm.

Helping Young Children With Anxiety

Anxiety in young children can look like many difficult behaviors. If your preschooler, toddler or infant is showing signs of anxiety, this hour long parenting talk is for you. This talk covers what is normal, what anxiety looks like in young children and how you can help your young child manage their anxiety.

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