You are facing intense challenging behaviors and are looking for results

Here's How We Can Help

We specialize in helping parents and caregivers who have children with temperaments and challenging behaviors that are more than just a "difficult" phase. We provide parent coaching for challenging behaviors stemming from high sensitivity, sensory processing disorder, giftedness, ADHD, Autism, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, adoption, foster care, trauma and divorce.

We provide a brave space to allow you to grow into the parent or caregiver your child needs so you both can thrive.

We can help you find solutions so both your child and you can thrive!

Are You in Need of a Parenting Transformation?

Life with your child is beyond challenging and overwhelming. You feel you do not have the tools or support to handle the intense, challenging behavior your child displays and you feel at a lost as to what to try next.

Watch our short video to meet Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss who will be walking with you on your journey. This video will detail what you can expect from our transformation package.

Transformative Journey Parent Coaching Package


  • 16 live 1-hour private coaching sessions held virtually
  • 16 10-minute check-ins via phone for the weeks where no appointment is scheduled
  • We use evidence based, trauma informed, techniques and approaches based in science and research (i.e. positive psychology, attachment theory, mindfulness and child development)
  • We provide tailored advice and tools from a Certified Parent Coach


  • We discuss development, behavior, discipline and self-care.
  • We go deep into the specific behaviors you are seeking to change so parenting solutions are tailored to your needs.
  • The goal is for you to leave with confidence in your new parenting style, improved behavior in your child and hope for the future.


  • Total 16-session price is $2100.
  • Clients who pay for the 16-session package in full will receive a 10% discount.
  • Clients who choose a monthly payment plan will pay 6 monthly installments of $350 each.
  • Additional payment plans are available upon request.

If you need coaching, but cannot afford the standard rates, please contact us as we offer a generosity policy and aim to make coaching available to all.

Let's Do This Together!

Important Disclaimer: Our Certified Parent Coaches are not counselors, psychologists or mental health professionals. They do not provide therapy or diagnosis services. As such, all services provided by Happy Parenting & Families are considered coaching or educational sessions. Happy Parenting & Families does not accept insurance and does not diagnose or provide procedural codes for insurance billing. By scheduling a service with Happy Parenting & Families, you are acknowledging that you understand you will be participating in parent coaching or parent education, not therapy.
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