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Wonder why your kid doesn't listen to you? 7 Tips to Get Your Child to Listen to You

Why Won’t My Kid Listen to Me!?!

We’ve all been there. The pure frustration a child can bring out in a parent who is trying to help and teach them can make anyone scream. Want a better listener…IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THE TIMING.

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7 COVID parenting tips to help you and your child better navigate the pandemic together

COVID Parenting Tips

For parents & caregivers of a child that requires “more” due to a disorder, high sensitivity, giftedness, a learning disability, or trauma, COVID has been a more difficult struggle.

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Get your free cell phone agreement to help your child stay safe and minimize power struggles

Cell Phone Agreement

Whether you are thinking about giving your child a cell phone or you already have, it is always a good idea to set up some ground rules that will help protect them and minimize fights.

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A destructive tantrum can bring fear to any parent

Destructive Tantrums

I remember how powerless I used to feel when my child got set off by something…And sometimes I had no idea what set off my child, which made dealing with my child in crisis all the more frustrating and confusing.

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