Parenting Tips for Busy Parents

Even busy parents can succeed in making parenting changes. Follow these simple parenting tips for busy parents.

Are you feeling like this is the worst time to make parenting changes? That you would like to work on your child’s behavior, but it feels too overwhelming? That between work, vacations, activities, etc. it would be impossible, so why bother trying?

You are not alone in this challenge! Most parents feel that they can’t commit to making parenting changes. That they are willing to suffer alone in their struggles until they are at a breaking point. Because there is no “perfect time” to figure out how to deal with challenging behaviors. There are always obstacles and struggles that stand in your way.

But I’ve got you covered. Try these 3 parenting tips for busy parents. You’ll be surprised how these painless parenting changes can give you real results.

3 Parenting Tips For Busy Parents

1. Begin with a hug
When your child is struggling, begin by offering a hug. It may seem counterintuitive to offer a hug when your child is behaving poorly or being a jerk to someone in the family. But what they really need in that moment is connection so they can calm down. And that is what a hug can do for them. Once they are calm they will be more receptive to you correcting their behavior.

2. Make time for play
Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, kids need play. And play with a parent can be a way to help them connect with you. This connection helps form the basis for trust when it comes to influencing your child’s behaviors. And for having them share information with you, especially when they are older. So take a little time each day, even 5 minutes is enough, to read a book with them, play something or joke around.

3. Improve your listening
One of the complaints I hear most from parents is that their kid doesn’t listen to them. But listening is a two-way street. When parents become better listeners, their children become better listeners too. So the next time your child is complaining, not complying, etc. repeat back to them what they are saying. It doesn’t mean you are going to give in or give up, you are showing them you hear what they are saying. And when your child feels heard, they can better accept what you are saying to them.

Still thinking you can’t commit?

Don’t worry! While consistency definitely helps with parenting changes, you don’t have to be perfect. Don’t let your struggle with consistency or lack of time be a barrier to trying. Try just one of the tips above once a day for a week to see how it makes you feel and how your child responds.

The most important part about parenting changes is not about perfection. It’s connection. Which is why these 3 tips are all based in creating connection.

So give yourself a little credit and a little slack as you try something new. Because you can begin to change your child’s behavior! And it doesn’t need to feel impossible.

And if you are at your breaking point…

I’m here to tell you you can do this! Just like you are able to find the time to deal with a crisis when it arises in your house or at work, you can find the time and effort needed for parenting changes. But it doesn’t need to feel impossible and you don’t have to go it alone.

The key to any solution is finding an expert and tools that make things easy. At Happy Parenting & Families parent coaching, that’s what I do for parents. I make parenting changes easy. I walk along with you in your struggles and help you put in place solutions that take very little time, but have big impacts. You are never alone and you never have to go it alone.
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