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Twin Cities Certified Parent Coach Provides Free Resources and Tips for Parents

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Twin Cities Certified Parent Coach Provides Free Resources and Tips for Parents
Twin Cities Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss provides tips for surviving summer with your child

Summer Survival Guide for Parents

With summer comes added activities and stress for parents. Check out this summer survival guide of parenting tips for having a successful summer with minimal conflicts.

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Parenting special needs children takes a different set of parenting tools.

Parenting Special Needs Children

Parenting special needs children takes a different set of parenting tools. These 4 tips can change your outlook and create more successful parenting results.

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Parents can help their teenagers mental health thru modeling self care and talking about feelings.

3 Ways to Improve Your Teenager’s Mental Health

Has your teenager’s mental health hit a rough patch? When a child struggles with depression it can leave a parent feeling helpless. Know the warning signs and check out these 3 ways you can help.

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Parents can help their child who is failing to launch by making this one change

Is your young adult failing to launch?

When an older teenager or young adult is failing to launch, making this small adjustment will help your child launch more successfully into the world.

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Having tough talks with your child is necessary to help your child feel safe

How to talk about tough topics with your child

When a big event happens in the world around us, we may not know what to do as parents. Should we talk with our child about it or ignore it? Chances are your child has already knows more than you think. Read this article for steps on how to talk to your child about tough topics so they feel safe.

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The parenting challenges you face when your child is neurodiverse, has special needs or trauma require different parenting tools.

Parenting a Child Who Needs More

What no one ever tells a parent or caregiver of a child that requires “more” is what the struggles are like. There is little acknowledgment that the parenting challenges you are facing are more than the “typical” childhood challenges and that the parenting challenges are harder than the challenges other parents face.

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Tips to get your toddler to cooperate more provided by a certified parent coach

Tips to Get Your Toddler to Cooperate

The toddler years can be filled with tears and meltdowns and a whole lot of parental frustration, but it doesn’t have to be. Are you tired of having your toddler ignore you and refuse to do what you ask? Check out these tips to get your toddler to cooperate.

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A parent or caregiver can help an anxious child learn coping techniques for better anxiety management

3 Ways to Help Your Child With Anxiety

If you have a child that experiences high anxiety you know it can be very taxing on everyone. Here are 3 tools you can start using today to help your child with anxiety.

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Need help implementing chores? Check out our chore list by age.

Chore list by age

Having your child participate in chores provides huge benefits to them and to you. Your child learns valuable skills needed for independence as well as hard work and delayed gratification. Check out these chore lists by age for ideas to get everyone to help out around the house.

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A child in crisis requires different parenting tools

Parenting a Child in Crisis

Do you have a child who has extreme behavior when they become overwhelmed or triggered? Parenting a child in crisis comes with a lot of emotions and uncertainty. Read this blog post so you remember you are not alone.

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Chores for special needs kids require adjustments be made to meet your child where they are

Chores for Children with Special Needs

As a parent of a child with a learning disability, special needs or a disorder, you want your child to grow into independence and be able to one day thrive on their own. However depending on your child’s particular struggles and challenges, you may question if this is even possible. Or you may simply question when to push them to do more or when to let things go. These tips make implementing chores for your child with special needs easier.

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Parents need to know the dangers and truths about vaping

Vaping 101

Vaping has become a health epidemic among adolescents because most youths do not view it as dangerous. The truth is it can be more dangerous than cigarettes. Do you know enough about vaping to help protect your child?

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