Solving all kinds of behavior challenges

Happy Parenting and Families offers Certified Parent Coaching that teaches parents how deal with difficult behaviors, empowers parents and motivates parents to change their child's behavior.

Parent Coaching Text Messaging Subscription Service

For less than 4 cups of coffee a month, you can learn the way to more effective parenting!

We Give You the Motivation & Know How

Experts say the key to making new behaviors stick is both motivation and ability. But we understand that sometimes finding the motivation to take on change or not knowing how to make changes can stop you from even getting started.

So we created our parent coaching text message subscription program to help solve both of these problems!

Our parent coaching text messages include small daily tasks to create parenting changes that begin to decrease challenging behaviors and strengthen relationships. Nothing huge or too demanding. Just steady micro steps that get you on the path to success.

Tasks are sent out 3-5 times a week so you can build some momentum without feeling overwhelmed. All you have to do is commit to following the text message instructions.

Offering parent coaching text messages to help parents decrease challenging behaviors and strengthen relationships

Get started today for just $10 a month*! And you can cancel anytime.

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By signing up for our Parent Coaching text messages, you are entering into a subscription service for parenting tips and suggestions. Each month you will be billed $10 for this service*. You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing Cancellation emails must be received by the 5th of the month in order to avoid that month's billing charge.

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