Group Parent Coaching

What does a group session look like?

A 6-month program where you build community, knowledge and confidence.

In my group coaching sessions, we’ll cover a wide range of parenting tools and topics to get you back in control of your household.

We discuss what techniques are most effective, how to solve for unwanted behaviors, how to make discipline work and how to set your child and you up for success.

This group is led by a Certified Parent Coach who will bring the expertise and guide the sessions through structured parenting topics.

As a group, we will implement parenting solutions that cover discipline, consistency, emotional regulation, connection and more.

How Do You Know If Group Coaching Is Right For You?

Group Parent Coaching is for parents who like structure and community in the the coaching they receive.

So if you like making changes with others so you can all grow together, this group is a great fit for you.

This group is geared to help you make parenting changes.

We will meet as a group once a month for 90 minutes.

In addition to our group coaching time, you will have access to a private 30 minute session each month to make sure you have the individual support you need so you can implement customized solutions for your family.


  • 6 90-minute Group Coaching Sessions
  • 6 30-minute, Private one-on-one sessions
  • Access to Coach outside of sessions via email, phone & text
  • My highly loved parent coaching text message program
  • 6 Monthly Payments of $150

Are You Ready to Find Your Village?

If you need coaching, but cannot afford my standard rates, please contact me as I offer a generosity policy that aims to make parent coaching available to all.

Important Disclaimer: A Certified Parent Coach is not the same as a counselor, psychologist or mental health professional. I do not provide therapy or diagnosis services. As such, all services provided by Happy Parenting & Families are considered coaching or educational sessions. Happy Parenting & Families does not accept insurance and does not diagnose or provide procedural codes for insurance billing. By scheduling a service with Happy Parenting & Families, you are acknowledging that you understand you will be participating in parent coaching or parent education, not therapy.

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