Intervention Parent

What is early intervention with a Parent Coach?

For when you don’t know what you don’t know.


During early intervention services, I will come to your home to observe your child play and interact.

I will provide guidance on how to promote development, future learning and solve early behavior challenges.

I will also provide an informal screening for autism during sessions. If red flags are observed, a referral will be provided for a formal evaluation.

My early intervention services are best for parents of infants through age 4. While in-home sessions are ideal, virtual sessions are also available.

Is Early Intervention Right For Your Family?

As a parent you want what is best for your child.

But there is a lot of noise out in the world. So when you want to cut through that noise to get information that is based in brain science and research, I can help.

I will walk you through what you can do at home to help with your child’s development and set them up for future success. And for when your child is struggling with challenging behaviors, I will help give you in the moment solutions and interventions.

If you are a parent that has questions about autism, or your child has an autism diagnosis, I will teach you proven home interventions using the Early Social Interaction (ESI) model.


What an early intervention includes:

  • Provides 90 minutes of in-home parent coaching per session
  • I will informally screen your child for autism and, if necessary, refer you for additional evaluation

My early intervention services are scheduled to meet your needs. Most parents need only one session to create solid support for their child. Some parents, including those where autism is a concern, may need several sessions in order to have the most impact with their child. For parents who need more than 1 session, a special discounted rate will be offered to ensure services can be provided without a financial strain to your family.


$180 for the 1st Session

Mom and Child doing a puzzle together

If you need coaching, but cannot afford my standard rates, please contact me as I offer a generosity policy that aims to make parent coaching available to all.

Important Disclaimer: Our Certified Parent Coaches are not counselors, psychologists or mental health professionals. They do not provide therapy or diagnosis services. As such, all services provided by Happy Parenting & Families are considered coaching or educational sessions. Happy Parenting & Families does not accept insurance and does not diagnose or provide procedural codes for insurance billing. By scheduling a service with Happy Parenting & Families, you are acknowledging that you understand you will be participating in parent coaching or parent education, not therapy.

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