Providing parenting help no matter where you are in your quest for parenting change

Parent Coach Jen Kiss provides help for parents when parenting toddlers, preschoolers, school age children, preteens and teens

One-on-One Parent Coaching

Choose between 4 or 8 session options. Individual sessions held every 2-3 weeks. Sessions and solutions are customized to fit your needs.

Group Parent Coaching

Cover a range of structured parenting topics and tools while building a close community of parents. Shortened individual sessions are also available outside of the group.

Ongoing Parenting Support

Support that grows with your parenting & your children. It’s like having a parenting expert in your back pocket so you are never alone.

Text Message Program

Low on time or not quite ready to commit to big changes? I offer a special parent coaching text message program that provides micro steps for change at your own pace.

Co-Parenting Parent Coaching

For parents navigating the divorce process or who are divorced and are looking to improve their co-parenting communication, boundaries and parenting.

Early Intervention Parent Coaching

Guidance for parents of children birth to age 4 to help promote development and social and emotional learning. This is suitable for both neurotypical and neurodiverse children.

Self-Paced Parent Coaching

Online mini-parenting courses. Take the course on your schedule, then set up your individual parent coaching session (included) to ask questions and help put plans into action.

Supervised Visitation

For court ordered supervision, I provide professional in-home supervised visitation monitoring with parent coaching.

Not sure where to begin? No worries! Start with a free, no obligation parent coaching consultation. I’ll show you what a typical parent coaching session is like and answer any of your questions to make sure you are getting the right parenting help and support you need.

Important Disclaimer: A Certified Parent Coach is not the same as a counselor, psychologist or mental health professional. I do not provide therapy or diagnosis services. As such, all services provided by Happy Parenting & Families are considered coaching or educational sessions. Happy Parenting & Families does not accept insurance and does not diagnose or provide procedural codes for insurance billing. By scheduling a service with Happy Parenting & Families, you are acknowledging that you understand you will be participating in parent coaching or parent education, not therapy.

Parent Coaching...

the benefits

Father enjoying time with child

Less Frustration - Experience fewer challenging behaviors. Behaviors will occur less frequently, with less intensity and less time before resolution.

More Parenting Success - Research has proven Parent Coaching to be extremely successful in reducing challenging behavior and increasing parenting confidence.

Efficiency - It's not about changing everything. It's about changing the right things. Parent Coaching helps you to become more efficient in your parenting so you are working smarter, not harder.

More Successful Children - Kids who have less behavior challenges are better able to learn, cope and gain life skills.

What Parents Are Saying...

Michelle - Mother of 2

Jen has a positive, uplifting, and creative coaching style in helping my family develop into an effective team. This was achieved through techniques and examples on how to draw out conversations, validating my family members feelings, positve approach to time outs, and helping to establish family meetings!

Abby - Mother of 2

I cannot say enough about how much Jen has helped our family. I would highly recommend reaching out to her whether you’re having common issues with your tween or larger issues with other age groups.

Mother of 2

Our work with Jen was extremely helpful. Jen is smart and resourceful, and knows her field well. She is also creative in her responses, so that if one thing didn't work, she was ready with a way to change things up a bit to better suit the situation, and the needs of our child.

Christine - Mother of 2

Jen is measured, thoughtful, direct and respectful. She follows through on all communication and really structures everything around your needs and the needs of your child. I will definitely be calling on her again when we hit a rough patch.

Katie - Mother of 2

I reached out to Jen, we discussed my goals for my family and what I needed help with and she spelled out EXACTLY what I should try. It was so helpful and I was able to help my son with his anxiety more than I have since it started several months ago.

Susan - Mother of 2

Jen is a great listener. She is compassionate and empathic, yet also willing to question us when she had concerns about what we were doing, or how we were thinking about things.

Paul - Father of 2

Our work with Jen was extremely helpful.

Preteen and mother bonding

Changing Your Parenting Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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Schedule your session - I offer virtual & telephonic visits, including evening and weekend hours. I also offer in home visits for select services.

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Commit to using the tools. I will customize your parenting tools to fit your needs and your child so you can decrease challenging behaviors.

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