Parent Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Parent Coach?
A Parent Coach is a knowledgeable and reliable resource for parents or caregivers to use to help support them in their parenting. A Certified Parent Coach has completed an extensive certification program that provides additional training and education in trauma informed tools and solutions.
How does Parent Coaching differ from therapy?

Parent Coaches are not therapists or counselors and they do not seek to resolve past events or provide diagnosis or treatment for the parent or the child. Parent Coaches partner with parents and caregivers to provide guidance for daily struggles that will lead to more successful daily interactions with their child. While a Parent Coach can provide education and resources to parents and caregivers regarding various developmental and behavioral disorders to help them successfully navigate their child’s behavior, a Parent Coach cannot diagnose a child who has a suspected disorder, nor can they provide any kind of treatment related to a known diagnosis.

How do I know if I could benefit from a Certified Parent Coach

A Certified Parent Coach will be helpful to you if you are a parent or caregiver who finds themselves struggling for answers on what to try next with your child or you feel like your child just doesn’t respond to “typical” parenting advice.

While I am work with all parents and all stages of childhood from infancy through young adulthood, I am also equipped to help parents and caregivers with children who struggle with intense emotional responses, sensory processing struggles, giftedness, Autism, ADHD, child disorders (e.g. Reactive Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, etc), and children who have anxiety or have experienced trauma or divorce.

I would love to show you how I can help you. Click here to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Are appointments held in person or virtually?

I offer virtual, telephonic or in-person coaching depending on the service you would like. For virtual coaching, you will be emailed an invitation to access your appointment via Zoom once you have scheduled your appointment.

I request you make sure you have Zoom downloaded on your device or computer prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid delays.

If you would like an in-person appointment, I am happy to come to the location of your choice. However you must be located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area.

Do I need to download something on my computer or phone for my virtual meeting?

Yes. Our virtual meetings work best when you have downloaded Zoom to your device or computer prior to our first meeting. I recommend you allow your camera to be used during the session to make the appointment feel more connected.

If you would prefer not to use Zoom, please notify me as soon as possible. I offer What’s App or a telephone call as an alternative to using Zoom or, for certain appointment types, in-person meetings are an option.

Who should attend a parent coaching appointment?

Usually our parent coaching appointments are for parents and caregivers only. This allows parents & caregivers to remain the authority in their child’s life and be able to speak openly about their challenges.

However I recognize that there are times when you may like a parent coach to observe your child or help in a more direct way. If this is the case, in-home appointments are available. Please inform me of this request prior to our first session and I will discuss options for having children present during appointments.

At Happy Parenting & Families I believe in helping as many parents as I can. Therefore, you may attend your coaching sessions by yourself or you are welcome to invite your spouse, partner or other significant caregiver to attend with you at no extra charge. During your registration process please specify who else you would like included in your session and their contact information so I can be sure to include them on any meeting invites.

Do you accept insurance?

Because my services are not therapy, Happy Parenting & Families does not accept any insurance and Parent Coaching does not qualify for HSA or FSA expenses. Some employers do allow coverage through their Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Please check with your Human Resources department to see if Parent Coaching is a covered service through EAP.

If your Human Resources department needs more information regarding my services to determine if it would qualify for their EAP services I would be happy to discuss this with them. You may have them call me directly at 612-440-1477.

How do I make payment?

Once you have scheduled your appointment,  you will receive a Parent Coaching Agreement to sign. The Agreement will outline all of the details about our coaching relationship.

An invoice will be sent to you after you schedule your first appointment. Your first payment is due before your first appointment. Any future invoices are typically issued on a monthly basis with payment due upon receipt.

I use a 3rd party vendor to securely process all payment transactions. I do not store any of your payment information on my site.

Are results guaranteed?

At Happy Parenting & Families I pride myself in delivering tangible results that you can see in your day-to-day life with your child. As with any human behavior, I cannot completely eliminate all challenging behaviors. My goal is to work with you to teach you the tools that will develop and change your relationships as well as your child’s behavior so that the undesirable behavior your child exhibits occurs less frequently and with less intensity and less time before resolution. The success you experience will directly correlate to your ability to practice the tools and techniques I teach you in your every day life with your child. But don’t worry, I provide support, structure and practice opportunities during your coaching sessions so you can parent with confidence to experience the changes you desire.

Due to the nature of this work, my results cannot be guaranteed, however I am confident you will be happy with my services and your experience. If you believe you are not seeing the change you expected, I invite you to reach out to me at 612-440-1477 to discuss your needs so I can make it right. If after my attempt at resolution you are still unsatisfied with my services, you will be refunded for any services you have not yet received. Services that have already been delivered are not eligible for any refund.

How long do I need to participate in Parent Coaching before I will see a change in my child?
While each parent/caregiver, child and challenge has unique circumstances, most challenging behaviors can be improved in 4 – 8 sessions.
How often do I need to attend appointments?

The more consistent you are in applying my techniques and tools the quicker you will notice results. At Happy Parenting & Families I recommend bi-weekly (twice a month) scheduling to ensure your needs are being met and that progress is being made.

For those families that need less support in becoming consistent, monthly appointments are an option if you purchase a 4 or 8 session package.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

At Happy Parenting & Families I understand you have several demands in your life and that sometimes life with kids just gets crazy. If you need to cancel your appointment, I kindly request you cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance when possible to allow for another client to be scheduled into your time slot.

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