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Happy Parenting and Families offers Certified Parent Coaching that teaches parents how deal with difficult behaviors, empowers parents and motivates parents to change their child's behavior.

Jen Kiss, CPC




As mother to two children, one of which has ADHD, autism, anxiety and trauma, I know firsthand the challenges parents face on both ends of the child rearing spectrum. I have been at the receiving end of destructive, hour long tantrums and have gone on quests for clothes that "feel right". I have had to help with self-harming and aggressive behaviors. After change did not come fast enough, I invested my time and energy in finding research-backed parenting solutions that worked. Since 2014 I've put that knowledge into practice, producing real results for my child and others.


I graduated from St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Criminal Justice. After having children, I wanted to switch careers to make a difference in the lives of parents like me and children like mine. Since 2010 I have continued my education through various courses in parenting education, trauma, Autism and ADHD, just to name a few. In 2020, I became a Certified Parent Coach after completing a 10-month Certification Program from Anu Family Services. I believe in lifelong learning and continue to expand my knowledge and skills through various courses and programs.

What is a Parent Coach?

An Expert In:

Challenging Childhood Behaviors

Child Development - Infancy thru Young Adulthood

Research Backed, Trauma Informed & Inclusive Positive Parenting Tools & Education

What does a Parent Coach do?

Provides Proven ways to decrease challenging behaviors

Provides guidance and step-by-step instruction to become a more effective parent

provides judgement-free support for parents, their children and their challenges

helps to strengthen and rebuild the parent child relationship


Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss completed parent coaching certification with Anu Family Services
Minneapolis/St. Paul Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss has studied positive psychology,brain science and behavior modification to deliver the best tools to parents
Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss has completed additional training at UC Davis
University at Buffalo
Certified parent coach Jen Kiss continues her education through ADHD seminars and events
Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss continues her education through NICABM through psychology online training
Minneapolis/St. Paul Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss takes ongoing training to be inclusive to the LGTBQ+ and the issues they face
Twin Cities Parent Coach Jen Kiss understands the impact both positive and adverse childhood experiences can have on a child and the trauma that can result.
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FLCA Final Mentorship badge

Featured in Articles & Interviews

Authority Magazine
Baby Journey
One Willow
Neurodiversity Training International
Speech Kids DC
Speech Kids DC

Testimonials from Parents Like You

Jen is a skillful listener and was able to very quickly provide insight and practical advice.

~ Joy, Mother to 2

Jen is straight forward and to the point while maintaining sensitivity to mine and my children's feelings...the positive parenting approach!

~ Hannah, Mother to 2

I felt comfortable and safe to speak freely. I also felt supported and listened to.

~ Andrea, Mother to 4

We provide judgment-free support to help you change your child's behavior so your daily life becomes easier.

1. Make an Appointment

Meet via Zoom, phone or in-person


2. Learn the Tools

Learn simple parenting tools we customize to fit your needs and your child


3. Decrease Challenging Behaviors

We hold your hand while you take action to ensure you see results

Happy Parenting and Families offers Certified Parent Coaching that teaches parents how deal with difficult behaviors, empowers parents and motivates parents to change their child's behavior.

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We Help All parents. We minimize all behavior challenges.

Our Services

Minneapolis Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss helps parents minimize challenging behaviors in children. Jen Specializes in helping families with children who have disorders like Autism, learning disabilities like ADHD, anxiety and trauma.

Are we the right fit for you?

You’re here because you need your child's challenging behavior to change. You are looking for something to shift to make parenting easier and with less conflict and less stress.

We are here to support you in accomplishing your goals. Throughout our partnership we will monitor your progress to ensure you experience the change you desire.

As with any human behavior, we cannot completely eliminate all challenging behavior. Our goal is to provide you the tools that will result in challenging behaviors occurring less frequently, with less intensity and less time before resolution.

Let us show you what we can do, without any risk to you. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to find out if we are the right fit for you!

The way to a better daily life with your child

Supporting Parents through the Challenging Behaviors of Childhood so children can thrive

Kids Who Thrive

Kids who have less behavior problems are better able to learn, cope better and gain better life skills.

Experience more peace thru parent coaching

More Peace

Spend less time correcting behavior and fighting. Spend more time enjoying your child.

Happy Parenting and Families parent coaching helps strengthen relationships

Stronger Relationships

Learning our tools creates a foundation for a deep and lasting connection with your child.

A child with special needs, a learning disability or trauma requires different tools to parent effectively

We specialize in helping parents who have children who have special needs, a learning disability or a history of trauma.

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