Cell Phone Agreements for Tweens and Teens

Get your free cell phone agreement to help your child stay safe and minimize power struggles


Is your child ready for a cell phone?


Whether you are thinking about giving your tween a cell phone or you already have, it is good to set phone rules and expecations up from the start. One way to establish rules is to have a cell phone agreement with your tween or teen.


A cell phone agreement provides guidance and structure for what topics should be discussed before letting your child have free reign on their phone. It will walk you though what you should talk about, guides you through consequences and sets up basic ground rules so everyone is on the same page. Because when everyone is on the same page with expectations and potential consequences it helps to minimize phone misuse and fights.


Whether you decide to use my free cell phone agreement or you want to just get some ideas to make your own, follow these guidelines:


1. Rules should be designed around safety, allowing kids the ability to learn freedom and independence in a safe way.


2. Consequences should be designed to have immediate impact so the expectations and enforcement are clear.


3. Consequences should also be created with the idea that the impact should be just enough to stop the unacceptable behavior. This means you want your consequences to have an impact, but not be so severe or long that they do not allow your child to learn and try again. Having a shorter consequence time frame also makes the implementation and follow through easier for parents/caregivers. In short, don’t chose a consequence that is going to be too hard to follow through on or is going to make your life more miserable than your child’s, resulting in you changing the consequence after the fact.


4. Make sure you talk about the rules and have the contract signed at a time when everyone is available to have the discussion without being rushed. Allow kids a chance to question the rules and consequences and settle on something everyone can live with. Don’t expect a child to follow rules or accept consequences that you have not explained clearly to them beforehand, even if it does seem like a no brainer to you.


Free Cell Phone Agreement


Click below for a free cell phone agreement. Use it as a way to open a conversation about what cell phone expectations are, consequences for misuse and to keep everyone on the same page.