Parenting support for the hard days, so you can support your child on their hard days.


Parent coaching is when a professional coach, who specializes in child development and child behaviors, provides parents with effective parenting tools and techniques that work best for their child.

A coach acts as a parenting guide, customizing parenting solutions to fit each family’s unique needs and challenges. Parent coaching improves parenting skills and provides practical techniques to help parents learn how to parent more effectively while strengthening their relationships.


Unlike other parent coaches who specialize in a particular age group, my parent coaching covers all stages and ages. This makes me specially equipped to handle all the challenges you may face, even if you have children in different developmental stages. Because I grow with your child, you never have to start over or find someone new when new challenges arise.

I also have extensive experience helping parents with all that parenting life can bring, including neurodiversity (such as autism, ADHD or other learning disabilities), anxiety, trauma and divorce.

As life changes my parent coaching shifts with you so you receive seamless support.


What Parents Are Saying…

John - Father of 2

I feel lucky to have met her, to have worked with her, and to have her as a referral for other people. She is the greatest.

Michael - Father of 2

I thought she was terrific. It’s not just the professionalism with which she practices, like being there on time, writing comprehensive summaries of each session, offering free 10 minute check-ins between sessions, it’s so much more. I’m not sure how she got to be so wise or so insightful, but she is.

Joy - Mother of 2

Jen is a skillful listener and was able to very quickly provide insight and practical advice

Hannah - Mother of 2

Jen is straight forward and to the point while maintaining sensitivity to mine and my children’s feelings…the positive parenting approach!

Tony - Father of 2

I used to get angry at my kid a lot. I couldn’t stand the constant screaming and tantrums. I felt like I was losing it all the time. After working with Jen I was able to stay a lot calmer and I felt like I knew what to do.

Happy Parenting & Families provides parenting solutions that can impact various environments

Why Does Parent Coaching Work?

Parent coaching helps teach parents how to connect with their children, teens and preteens without all of the fights.

When you change your parenting, you change your child’s environment.

And a change in your child’s environment creates change within your child’s brain and in their behavior.

Parent coaching harnesses the parent-child bond that is deeply embedded in your child to produce changes.

Plus, parents have the unique ability of providing daily practice and interventions so change can happen faster.


While parent coaching provides parenting education on how to best handle situations and teaches you how to improve your parenting skills, it is not the same as parenting classes.

Parent coaching is more than gaining knowledge from a book or a class.

I am all about action and change. Together our focus will be on real life practical application of the parenting strategies we discuss and making continual adjustments based on how your child responds.

As your parent coach, I am with you every step of the way providing parenting help and support. I do this through individualized solutions and accountability that helps you stay motivated, become more consistent in your parenting and accomplish your goals.


Not all parent coaching is the same.

I provide parenting tools that are based in positive psychology, physiology and brain science. I also practice trauma-informed parenting techniques to help parents help their children heal from adverse experiences or past traumas.

I guide parents on how to use positive parenting and authoritative parenting techniques through promoting connection, communication and discipline. For those with neurodiverse children or children with anxiety, I incorporate best practices into all of my parenting solutions.


My goal is to help you change your parenting so daily life becomes easier and your parenting more effective.

I am also geared towards helping to rebuild and strengthen your parent-child relationship.

If you have been wanting to make parenting changes, parent coaching is a good place to start.

Or if you feel like you need parenting support so you never have to go through the challenging behaviors of childhood alone, I’ve got your back.

Working with me is like having a parenting expert in your back pocket.

Think of parent coaching as an investment into you and your child’s relationship.

When you invest, it pays off now and into the future.

No matter the age or the stage...

We solve all kinds of behavior challenges

✔ Refusing to listen/ignoring directions

✔ Refusing to help/participate

✔ Big tantrums or meltdowns

✔ Bedtime battles

✔ Refusing to do schoolwork/go to school

✔ Arguing or negotiating constantly

✔ Disrespectful language or actions

✔ Lack of independence skills

✔ Aggressive Behaviors

✔ Behaviors stemming from neurodiversity, anxiety or trauma


During each parent coaching session you will be provided a judgment free space to discuss all the parenting challenges you are facing.

I will ask questions, create a plan of action and teach you parenting strategies based in positive parenting. As you put these parenting tools into action I will adjust or build upon techniques based on your child’s response.

Sessions are typically held via Zoom or over the phone.

However I do understand that there are certain circumstances where a parent may want their child observed. Or request a more interactive coaching session to deal with behaviors in the moment. For those interested in this option, I do provide in-home parent coaching for those parents located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.


During our group coaching sessions, you learn as you develop relationships with a steady cohort of other parents.

Our group sessions are structured with a parenting theme for each month so you will be constantly adding to your parenting tool box.

But because I understand no two families are exactly alike, group coaching also includes a short one-on-one session every month to troubleshoot or customize solutions to fit your family’s needs.

Changing Your Parenting Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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Calendar to schedule parent coaching services


Schedule your session - I offer virtual & telephonic visits, including evening and weekend hours. I also offer in home visits for select services.

Positive parenting techniques


Commit to using the tools. I will customize your parenting tools to fit your needs and your child so you can decrease challenging behaviors.

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