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I reached out to Jen, we discussed my goals for my family and what I needed help with and she spelled out EXACTLY what I should try. It was so helpful and I was able to help my son with his anxiety more than I have since it started several months ago.

Katie, Mother of 2

With all the stresses of raising a child with extra challenges, it was great to feel that Jen “had our back,” truly caring about us and our family. We will definitely call her again if the need arises.

Pam, Mother of 2

In 4 sessions I have a large bank of tools to now refer to when I am in need.

Abby, Mother of 2

Before working with Jen my kid was always fighting bedtime. He would constantly get up and I would get so frustrated. Nothing seemed to work; he only wanted his mom. But after working with Jen, bedtime totally changed. My kid started going to bed easily for me and staying in bed. He even started preferring me. That feels pretty awesome.

Alex, Father of 2

I feel like I am not alone; that someone understands my struggles. It is also helpful to get simple manageable tools and tasks for daily life.

Mother of 2

Parent Coaching...

the benefits

Father enjoying time with child

Less Frustration - Experience fewer challenging behaviors. Behaviors will occur less frequently, with less intensity and less time before resolution.

More Parenting Success - Research has proven Parent Coaching to be extremely successful in reducing challenging behavior and increasing parenting confidence.

Efficiency - It's not about changing everything. It's about changing the right things. Parent Coaching helps you to become more efficient in your parenting so you are working smarter, not harder.

More Successful Children - Kids who have less behavior challenges are better able to learn, cope and gain life skills.

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I really struggled with my preteen daughter and finding the joy in parenting. The challenges of tantrums, lying and disrespect
felt overwhelming. Working with Jen helped me reconnect with my daughter and see her in a different light.

Hannah, Mother of 2

Our work with Jen was extremely helpful. Jen is smart and resourceful, and knows her field well. She is also creative in her responses, so that if one thing didn’t work, she was ready with a way to change things up a bit to better suit the situation, and the needs of our child.

Sarah, Mother of 2

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Before we started working with Jen, I had some concerns that she might not be able to connect with our issues because I thought she was more familiar with working with younger children  rather than with middle aged children… The situation we are dealing with.

I didn’t find this a problem at all.

In fact, I thought she was terrific.

It’s not just the professionalism with which she practices, like being there on time, writing comprehensive summaries of each session, offering free 10 minute check-ins between sessions, it’s so much more.

I’m not sure how she got to be so wise or so insightful, but she is.

My wife and I have a combined experience as helping  professionals of over 80 years and we were continually impressed with her capacity to see what was invisible to us.

She also very skillfully navigated the conflicts which exist between the two of us, as we attempt to parent from different perspectives, with different personalities.

I feel lucky to have met her, to have worked with her, and to have her as a referral for other people. She is the greatest.

– Father of 2

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