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As mother to two children, one of which has ADHD, autism, anxiety and trauma, I know firsthand the challenges parents face on both ends of the child rearing spectrum. Parenting my eldest is what led me to become a parent coach. Because I wanted to help parents like me who were struggling with parenting.

When change did not come fast enough for my eldest who was struggling with self-harm, destructive tantrums and big escalations, I devoted myself to learning all about science-backed parenting solutions. And since 2014 I have put that knowledge into practice, producing real results for my child and others.

In 2020, I opened my own practice where I have continued to help parents and their children.


I graduated from St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology – Criminal Justice. After having children, I wanted to switch careers to make a difference in the lives of parents like me and children like mine.

Since 2010, I have continued my education through various courses in parenting education, trauma, Autism and ADHD, just to name a few.

In 2020, I completed a 10-month program from Anu Family Services to become certified as a parent coach. This certification program included a special focus in trauma, autism and grief. I believe in lifelong learning and continue to expand my knowledge and skills through various courses and programs on a yearly basis.

Continuing Education, Certifications & Trainings

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What Parents Are Saying…

Wilson - Father of 2

I have worked with many individuals who treat this as a job. Jen Kiss works with passion and it shows in her actions. Would recommend her to anyone in need of parent coaching.

Abby - Mother of 2

In 4 sessions I have a large bank of tools to now refer to when I am in need.

Katie - Mother of 2

She was great to work with and I highly recommend working with her.

William - Father of 2

My wife and I have a combined experience as helping professionals of over 80 years and we were continually impressed with Jen’s capacity to see what was invisible to us. She also very skillfully navigated the conflicts which exist between the two of us, as we attempt to parent from different perspectives, with different personalities.

Amanda - Mother of 2

I really struggled with my preteen daughter and finding the joy in parenting. The challenges of tantrums, lying and disrespect felt overwhelming. Working with Jen helped me reconnect with my daughter and see her in a different light.

Our Services

Mother and young child thrive with parenting guidance and resources from a certified parent coach

One-on-One Parent Coaching - Individual sessions held every 2-3 weeks. Sessions and solutions are customized to fit your needs.

Group Coaching - Cover a range of structured parenting topics and tools while building a close community of parents. Shortened individual sessions are available for individual questions outside of the group.

Ongoing Support - Support that grows with your parenting & your children through ongoing monthly support. It’s like having a parenting expert in your back pocket.

Text Message Program - Low on time or not quite ready to commit to big changes? I offer my special parent coaching text message program that provides micro steps for change at your own pace.

Co-Parenting Parent Coaching - For parents navigating the divorce process or who are divorced and are looking to improve their co-parenting communication, boundaries and parenting.

Early Intervention Coaching - Guidance for parents of children birth to age 4 to help promote development and social and emotional learning. This is suitable for both neurotypical and neurodiverse children.

Self-Paced Coaching - Mini parenting courses for the behaviors you are struggling with right now. Take the course on your schedule, then set up your individual parent coaching session (included) to ask questions and help put plans into action.

Supervised Visitation - For court ordered supervision, we provide in-home supervised visitation monitoring with parent coaching.


Let’s Make Sure We Are A Good Fit

You’re here because you need your child’s challenging behavior to change.

And you want to parent in a way that makes you and your child feel good.

I am here to support you in accomplishing your goals.

Throughout our partnership, I will work to keep you motivated to ensure you experience the change you desire.

I understand your family and your child is sacred to you.

That it’s important you feel trust and connection with me so you can feel supported in your most important relationships.

That’s why I offer a chance to meet me and try parent coaching for free, without any risk to you.

Schedule your free 30 minute consultation today!

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PO. Box 26614
Minneapolis, MN 55426

Teaching parenting strategies on how to parent better

Vision Statement

Provide parenting support to decrease parenting challenges, strengthen relationships and inspire change.

Parent coaching for calm parenting

Mission Statement

To provide unparalleled parenting support & education to help parents become the parent they want to be so they and their children can thrive.

Effective parenting begins with connection parenting

Values & Culture

Parents & their children are at the heart of everything I do. I respect & honor the unique needs, customs and history of every family I serve.

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