Solving all kinds of behavior challenges

Happy Parenting and Families offers Certified Parent Coaching that teaches parents how deal with difficult behaviors, empowers parents and motivates parents to change their child's behavior.

making parenting easier & children more successful

Are You Frustrated When Your Child...

Doesn't Listen to You

Refuses to Do Things

Has Big Meltdowns/Tantrums

Gets in Trouble at School

Refuses To Do Homework

Fights or Argues

Is Disrespectful

Destroys or Damages Things

Is Aggressive With Others

We give you the answers to minimize these behaviors & more

The Results You've Been Looking For

Experieince fewer challenging behaviors, with less frequency and less duration through parent coaching

Less Frustration

Experience fewer challenging behaviors. Behaviors will occur less frequently, with less intensity and less time before resolution.

Twin Cities Parent Coach Jen Kiss will help you decrease challenging behaviors

More Success

Research has proven Parent Coaching to be extremely successful in reducing challenging behavior and increasing parenting confidence*.

Happy Parenting & Families provides parenting solutions that can impact various environments

More Results

The changes you make with your child will produce results that can transfer over to other environments. Without you having to do more work.

*Marchant, Michelle, and K. Richard Young. “The Effects of a Parent Coach on Parents' Acquisition and Implementation of Parenting Skills.” Education and Treatment of Children, vol. 24, no. 3, 2001, pp. 351–373. JSTOR,

We provide judgment-free support to help you change your child's behavior so your daily life becomes easier.

1. Make an Appointment

Meet via Zoom, phone or in-person


2. Learn the Tools

Learn simple parenting tools we customize to fit your needs and your child


3. Decrease Challenging Behaviors

We hold your hand while you take action to ensure you see results

Happy Parenting and Families offers Certified Parent Coaching that teaches parents how deal with difficult behaviors, empowers parents and motivates parents to change their child's behavior.

We Help All parents. We minimize all behavior challenges.

Our Services

Challenging behaviors are hard, but we can give you the tools to have success. We remove the guesswork and give you exactly what you need to know to become a parenting pro!

When a child acts out, it is natural for us as parents to feel embarrassed, angry and frustrated. It is also natural for us to wonder what we are doing wrong or why parenting is so hard. Or why solutions that work for other children do not work for ours.

Do you want to know why you feel this way?

Because parenting a child who has tough behaviors is really hard. It feels awful when your child is acting out and it is causing you both to suffer.

It is normal to not know what to do. You are not a bad parent. And you are NOT alone.

You just need the right tools so you can be a more effective parent with your child.

We have the tools you need. As a Certified Parent Coach, we work with parents just like you. Parents who want to help their children, but nothing's working.

Our parent coaching sessions give you step by step solutions tailored to your child and your needs.

already stretched too thin? We've got you covered

Most parents see a decrease in challenging childhood behaviors after 4 sessions of parent coaching with Twin Cities Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss

Quick Results

Most parents see a decrease in challenging behaviors in as little as 4 sessions.

Parent Coach Jen Kiss teaches you parenting solutions with minimal work to solve your behavior problems

Minimum Work

It's not about changing everything. It's about changing the right things. The changes we make are simple, but the results you see are dramatic.

Minneapolis Parent Coach Jen Kiss can help you save time through proven parenting solutions

Save Time

Stop wasting your time with solutions that don't work for your child. Have a custom plan made for you.

What Parents like you are saying

Minneapolis/St. Paul Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss helps parents when their child has anxiety

Twin Cities Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss can help you rebuild and strengthen your relationship with your child

Minneapolis/St.Paul Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss provides skillful listening, insight and practical advice

Twin Cities Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss helps parents with discipline issues

Make bedtime smoother through parent coaching

We get it, challenging behaviors in children are tough. We can help solve all kinds of behavior problems, making you more confident in your parenting.

They take a lot of your time, energy and brain power. So why not let a parenting expert help?

We care about you and your child. And we've dedicated our work to making sure you both get what you need.

We are here to support you. We've studied brain science, trauma, and research proven techniques to take your child from struggling to thriving.

Let us help you go from frustrated and overwhelmed to effective and confident.

A free trauma guide for parents for before, during and after a crisis
A child with special needs, a learning disability or trauma requires different tools to parent effectively

We specialize in helping parents who have children who have special needs, a learning disability or a history of trauma.

What is a Parent Coach?

An Expert In:

Challenging Childhood Behaviors

Child Development - Infancy thru Young Adulthood

Research Backed, Trauma Informed & Inclusive Positive Parenting Tools & Education

What does a Parent Coach do?

Provides Proven ways to decrease challenging behaviors

Provides guidance and step-by-step instruction to become a more effective parent

provides judgement-free support for parents, their children and their challenges

helps to strengthen and rebuild the parent child relationship

The way to a better daily life with your child

Supporting Parents through the Challenging Behaviors of Childhood so children can thrive

Kids Who Thrive

Kids who have less behavior problems are better able to learn, cope better and gain better life skills.

Experience more peace thru parent coaching

More Peace

Spend less time correcting behavior and fighting. Spend more time enjoying your child.

Happy Parenting and Families parent coaching helps strengthen relationships

Stronger Relationships

Learning our tools creates a foundation for a deep and lasting connection with your child.

If what you have been doing is not working...

it's time to try something new


We believe every parent deserves compassion and non-judgmental support.


We believe every child should be honored for who they are at their core being.


We believe parents have the power to change and heal their family's lives.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our top priority is your child's wellbeing

We customize our solutions to meet your needs

We use proven techniques that come from brain science and positive psychology

We continually learn so you receive the best parenting solutions

Minneapolis Certified Parent Coach Jen Kiss helps parents learn how to deal with challenging behaviors in toddlers, school age children and teenagers. Jen specializes in helping parent of children with learning disabilities, childhood trauma, child anxiety and disorders

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