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You're here because you are looking to make changes to your parenting through parent coaching. Whether you are dealing with challenging behaviors or you are frustrated with daily life, you are ready to try something new.

As a Certified Parent Coach, I’m here to support you in your goals and help you learn a more effective way to parent. Together we can minimize challenging behaviors, strengthen your relationship and make you more confident in your parenting.

Father providing calm parenting and loving support and guidance for preteen child
Mother and child bonding and laughing together

Your here because you are looking to make changes to your parenting. Whether you are dealing with challenging behaviors or you are frustrated with daily life, you are ready to try something new.

I’m here to support you in your goals and help you learn a more effective way to parent. Together we can minimize challenging behaviors, strengthen your relationship and make you more confident in your parenting.

No matter the age or the stage...

We solve all kinds of behavior challenges

✔ Refusing to listen/ignoring directions

✔ Refusing to help/participate

✔ Big tantrums or meltdowns

✔ Bedtime battles

✔ Refusing to do schoolwork/go to school

✔ Arguing or negotiating constantly

✔ Disrespectful language or actions

✔ Lack of independence skills

✔ Aggressive Behaviors

✔ Behaviors stemming from neurodiversity, anxiety or trauma

What is a Parent Coach?

Parents of toddler

An Expert In

  • Challenging childhood behaviors
  • Child development – infancy thru young adulthood
  • Research backed parenting tools and education

What A Parent Coach Does

  • Provides proven ways to decrease challenging behaviors
  • Provides parenting guidance and step-by-step instruction to become a more effective parent
  • Provides judgement-free support for parents, their children and their challenges
  • Helps to strengthen and rebuild the parent child relationship

Minimize Challenging Behaviors

As a parent coach I help parents minimize challenging behaviors, strengthen relationships and gain parenting confidence. Keeping the status quo is not my thing. I am here to help you change your parenting so you can become the parent you want to be.

Family laughing and enjoying connection time
Mother get toddler to cooperate

Support Throughout Your Parenting Life

From infancy to young adulthood, I support you throughout your parenting life so you never have to take on tough times alone. And you don’t have to find someone new to help just because your child has entered a new stage, age or has additional struggles like neurodiversity, anxiety or trauma. Because as a certified parent coach, I am highly skilled and equipped to help with all parenting challenges as well as parenting life changes, including divorce.

Parent Coaching...

the benefits

Father enjoying time with child

Less Frustration - Experience fewer challenging behaviors. Behaviors will occur less frequently, with less intensity and less time before resolution.

More Parenting Success - Research has proven Parent Coaching to be extremely successful in reducing challenging behavior and increasing parenting confidence.

Efficiency - It's not about changing everything. It's about changing the right things. Parent Coaching helps you to become more efficient in your parenting so you are working smarter, not harder.

More Successful Children - Kids who have less behavior challenges are better able to learn, cope and gain life skills.

Mother raising happy preteen

Ready to See Results

As a parenting expert in child development and behaviors, I provide unparalleled support with customized solutions to meet your needs.

I spend the time becoming familiar with your family and your unique needs so that I can provide you with solutions that work. Because I don’t believe in wasting your time. I understand that when you decide you want to make changes, you are ready to see results.

That’s why I use positive psychology, brain science, physiology and trauma-informed parenting tools to help you make changes with your child.

A Better Way to Parent

The parents I help are ready for change.

They want to find a better way to parent that helps meet their child’s needs while providing firm structure and consequences.

The parents who work with me want guidance and accountability so they can experience an improved parenting life.

But most of all, the parents I work with are tired of the status quo and just surviving.

They are ready to try something new.

Changing Your Parenting Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Select your parent guide


Choose the level of parenting support you need. I offer a wide variety of parenting services and support options so you can commit to the change you want.

Calendar to schedule parent coaching services


Schedule your session - I offer virtual & telephonic visits, including evening and weekend hours. I also offer in home visits for select services.

Positive parenting techniques


Commit to using the tools. I will customize your parenting tools to fit your needs and your child so you can decrease challenging behaviors.

Our Services

Mother and young child thrive with parenting guidance and resources from a certified parent coach

One-on-One Parent Coaching - Individual sessions held every 2-3 weeks. Sessions and solutions are customized to fit your needs.

Group Coaching - Cover a range of structured parenting topics and tools while building a close community of parents. Shortened individual sessions are available for individual questions outside of the group.

Ongoing Support - Support that grows with your parenting & your children through ongoing monthly support. It’s like having a parenting expert in your back pocket.

Text Message Program - Low on time or not quite ready to commit to big changes? I offer my special parent coaching text message program that provides micro steps for change at your own pace.

Co-Parenting Parent Coaching - For parents navigating the divorce process or who are divorced and are looking to improve their co-parenting communication, boundaries and parenting.

Early Intervention Coaching - Guidance for parents of children birth to age 4 to help promote development and social and emotional learning. This is suitable for both neurotypical and neurodiverse children.

Self-Paced Coaching - Mini parenting courses for the behaviors you are struggling with right now. Take the course on your schedule, then set up your individual parent coaching session (included) to ask questions and help put plans into action.

Supervised Visitation - For court ordered supervision, we provide in-home supervised visitation monitoring with parent coaching.


What Parents Are Saying...

Michelle - Mother of 2

Jen has a positive, uplifting, and creative coaching style in helping my family develop into an effective team. This was achieved through techniques and examples on how to draw out conversations, validating my family members feelings, positve approach to time outs, and helping to establish family meetings!

Abby - Mother of 2

I cannot say enough about how much Jen has helped our family. I would highly recommend reaching out to her whether you’re having common issues with your tween or larger issues with other age groups.

Mother of 2

Our work with Jen was extremely helpful. Jen is smart and resourceful, and knows her field well. She is also creative in her responses, so that if one thing didn't work, she was ready with a way to change things up a bit to better suit the situation, and the needs of our child.

Christine - Mother of 2

Jen is measured, thoughtful, direct and respectful. She follows through on all communication and really structures everything around your needs and the needs of your child. I will definitely be calling on her again when we hit a rough patch.

Katie - Mother of 2

I reached out to Jen, we discussed my goals for my family and what I needed help with and she spelled out EXACTLY what I should try. It was so helpful and I was able to help my son with his anxiety more than I have since it started several months ago.

Susan - Mother of 2

Jen is a great listener. She is compassionate and empathic, yet also willing to question us when she had concerns about what we were doing, or how we were thinking about things.

Paul - Father of 2

Our work with Jen was extremely helpful.

Preteen and mother bonding

Meet Jen

I became a Certified Parent Coach because I wanted to impact the lives of parents and children who are struggling.

I firmly believe a parent who receives support and the right parenting tools can help their child thrive like no other.

I provide parenting education and expertise to minimize challenging behaviors and help you change your parenting.

It’s my goal to provide you unparalleled support and guidance so you can become the confident and successful parent you want to be.

Helping you change the way you parent

Teaching parenting strategies on how to parent better

Vision Statement

Provide parenting support to decrease parenting challenges, strengthen relationships and inspire change.

Parent coaching for calm parenting

Mission Statement

To provide unparalleled parenting support & education to help parents become the parent they want to be so they and their children can thrive.

Effective parenting begins with connection parenting

Values & Culture

Parents & their children are at the heart of everything I do. I respect & honor the unique needs, customs and history of every family I serve.

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